The Pros and Cons of Online Homeschooling



In the past decade, we have seen significant changes concerning online homeschooling. A lot of people have indeed come to accept online homeschooling as an effective alternative when it comes to dealing with academic pressures and demands. Today, thousands upon thousands of people all over the world have joined the bandwagon brought about by online homeschooling. With the many pros brought about by online homeschooling, it would come as a surprise to think that there are some people who are still against it.

However, this does exist. There are indeed people who are still not for online homeschooling. And they have quite a number of reasons as to why they are against it.

online homeschooling photoFirst off is the inevitable lack of social interaction. With online homeschooling, your house becomes your school. The room where your computer is situated becomes your classroom. You do not have a teacher to physically look at while your lessons are being discussed. You do not have classmates to chat with during recess and lunch breaks. You are in a virtual classroom in a virtual school, with virtual classmates and teachers. Isolation becomes an issue here because you spend your days at home with no one to talk to!

The second issue raised by people who are against online homeschooling is the fact that parents do not really have the proper training professional teachers have gone through in obtaining their licenses and such. Sure, there would be online teachers who offer their services and expertise to the many students they deal with every single day. However, this is quite different from the guidance and encouragement you would receive from a teacher whom you would physically see. Chat conversations do not really make a great foundation for mentorship. The presence or absence of such can plays a huge role as to the academic success of the student himself.

online homeschooling photo
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Of course, these cons are not really presented to discourage anyone from getting into online homeschooling. This is because it does have its fair share of pros as well. There is much convenience in the fact that you no longer have to go to the university physically with online homeschooling. Much time is saved here, as well as travel expenses. Plus, you would have access to the best online programs developed for homeschooling as well. And these programs are developed by licensed specialists as well! These and more still make online homeschooling an attractive alternative to the traditional schooling method.