Things to Consider When Home School Planning



Those who are new to home schooling may find the entire process a tough task. That includes home school planning. Many people under this program usually design their home school planning by following the regular school year consisting of school weeks that run for nine months. However, you do not always necessarily have to follow this rule. After all, an upside to home schooling is that you get to have more control and flexibility in managing time. You can plan longer or shorter school weeks, depending on your preference.

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There are some things that you may want to consider when home school planning. Firstly, consider the number of days will be allotted for home school. The usual Mondays to Fridays schedule is commonly preferred but if you decide to schedule your home school on different days and even longer, then that is entirely up to you.

Also, you will need to consider when to hold breaks and its duration. Decide when you want home school to end. You may have your breaks on vacations or Christmas. Moreover, decide whether you are also going to call school off for holidays such as Memorial Day and others.

Deciding when home school shall start is another important consideration as well. Plot the date that you wish your home school year to start. This way, you can determine when you are going to do all your home school planning as well as preparation upon completion of work.

The number of hours required for a given school day must depend on the curriculum you have set for the said day. Some school days may be shorter while others may also be longer depending on the lesson plan for the day. You may want to base your home school days just like in traditional schools in which school days are usually shorter for earlier grade levels and which gradually become longer as the topics grow and increase in complexity and number.

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Education laws in most states stipulate a minimum number of teaching hours for a given school day, which is usually a minimum of three hours. Some schools, however, hold more than three hours of teaching for each school day. Unlike in a traditional school, you can maximize the time needed for teaching your child at home and you may actually find that you can accomplish more even in just a few hours of teaching for each day.

Home school planning can actually be more advantageous and effective when done properly. Home school planning is all at your reach. The key, though, is to keep a consistent pace and follow what you have carefully plotted out in your home school plan so that you can achieve the best possible results.